I am a journalist, editor, celebrity liaison manager and consultant. I work at the World Society for the Protection of Animals as their International and UK Celebrity Liaison Manager, have been published in The Times, Guardian and I.D. and and am the former editor of Gay Times magazine. I am also the editor and originator of the Dear Me, A Letter To My Sixteen-Year-Old Self book series which feature over 200 letters written by celebrities to their younger selves. JK Rowling and Elton John wrote forewords for them and the books feature a diverse range of contributors: from Hugh Jackman, James Franco and Gene Hackman via Alice Cooper, Stephen King and The Duchess of York. There are currently 4 different editions and they are sold to benefit Doctors Without Borders, The Irish Youth Foundation and the Elton John Aids Foundation.

For book related enquiries, email Charlotte Robertson CRobertson @ unitedagents.co.uk

To talk with me about WSPA josephgalliano @ wspa-international.org

For everything else  get in touch via website @ josephgalliano.co.uk